Dental Bridges in St. Louis, MO


Dental Bridges in St. Louis, MO

Dental bridges have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth. Today, they are still considered one of the most durable, conservative, and cost-effective options for bridging the gap between a missing tooth and surrounding teeth. Comprising of two anchoring teeth and a replacement tooth, our dental bridges in St. Louis help prevent surrounding teeth from drifting out of position, improve chewing and speaking, and help keep your natural face shape intact.

Dr. Mandefro, our dentist in St. Louis, offers three types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional Dental Bridges
  • Cantilever Dental Bridges
  •  Maryland Bridges.

Traditional bridges have dental crowns on either side of the missing tooth, plus a replacement tooth, which is held in place by a post-like structure called a dental abutment.

Cantilever dental bridges are used when surrounding teeth are only on one side of the missing tooth.

Maryland bridges are made of a specialized resin cemented to a metal framework and cemented to the enamel of surrounding teeth.

Dental bridges in St. Louis typically take 2–3 weeks to complete and are less invasive than other options. With good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, dental bridges can last up to 15 years.

Our St. Louis dentist used dental bridges to restore your missing teeth and the smile you desire.

Natural Looking

Our dental bridges in St. Louis are customized to match your natural teeth.

Pain Free

No pain is involved in the procedure.

Stain Resistant

Our dental bridges are extremely resistant to stains.

Long Lasting

Dental bridges can last up to 15 years, giving you a lifetime of quality smiles.
Oral Health Consultation

Includes Full Mouth X-Ray and Treatment Plan

Exam & Cleaning

Includes Full Mouth Cleaning

White Filling
Includes 1 Composite Filling
Laser Teeth Whitening

Full mouth teeth whitening in one visit.

Payment Options

We accept checks, cash, or credit cards to finance your dental bridge treatment. We also offer a flexible payment plan. (See financing options below)

Financing Options

Spring Ahead To The New You
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